Tags Consulting

Advanced, end-to-end tagging, trafficking and reporting campaign management solution

Campaign Management

Essentially, Campaign Management is the tagging, trafficking and reporting of online campaigns in order to understand what refinements need to be made to improve future performance and drive efficiencies.

Who should use it?

All companies who are running some form of online media can benefit from Campaign Management.

By utilising this service, you will not only to be able to monitor your online advertising activity by tracking the number of jobseekers clicking on your advertising, but more importantly what happens after the click; the number of people who arrive at their site and the conversions from visitors to candidates. This type of information is invaluable as you are then able to evaluate your return on investment from each of the websites advertised on.

How can we help?

Working with Tags Consulting means that you can start using our Campaign Management service today. We make it as simple as possible for you to understand how it works, what is needed to get your campaigns live and what we will deliver (detailed below).

What you'll get

  Campaign Management
On-line Campaign Set-Up  
  • Trafficking of all online elements to the media
Frequent Data/Analysis  
Campaign dashboard including:  
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per visitor
  • Cost per applicant
  • Media performance splits
  • Spend vs. Visitors/Applicants
  • Performance issues highlighted
Interim/End of Campaign Reporting  
All of the information above plus:  
  • Creative execution comparisons
  • Media performance comparisons
  • Detailed visual metric interpretations via charts/graphs
  • All elements of the online campaign analysed against initial objectives of the campaign
  • Overview of key elements of search engine marketing