Tags Consulting

Advanced, end-to-end tagging, trafficking and reporting campaign management solution

Recruitment Advertisers

Tags Consulting provides an advanced, end-to-end outsourced tagging, trafficking and reporting campaign management solution to recruitment advertisers – including advertising agencies, recruitment agencies and organisations directly.

In many ways, we’re the recruitment advertising industry’s best kept secret acting as a natural extension of many progressive recruitment advertising agencies’ Digital teams who enjoy the benefits of this arrangement rather than paying for less experienced, full-time resource.

Our client base is growing daily and since our creation in 2008, we've worked with over 90 clients in multiple industries from public sector to blue-chip; trafficking, managing and reporting on over 20,000 adverts across 200+ different job boards and websites.

We work with clients across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia supporting with everything from job postings through to fully integrated annual online campaigns.