Tags Consulting

Advanced, end-to-end tagging, trafficking and reporting campaign management solution

What We Do

Advanced, end-to-end tagging, trafficking and reporting is about so much more than gathering marketing intelligence and analysing data. For our clients, this means a healthier return on investment, a more effective communication strategy and a blueprint for future recruitment plans. And our wealth of experience ensures a holistic, results-driven approach that ensures our clients are meeting campaign objectives time and time again.

Experience and Understanding

Since our creation in 2008, we've managed 500+ campaigns for over 150 clients in multiple industries from public sector to blue-chip; trafficking, managing and reporting on over 40,000 adverts across 300+ different job boards and websites – and this is growing daily. We work with clients across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

With unrivalled knowledge and experience in this area, we work closely with our clients to improve their understanding of the possibilities of Campaign Management, providing structured training and ongoing support. In turn, we take time to understand the strategic objectives of each campaign, recommending and offering the appropriate solution to optimise performance on this basis.

Tagging and Trafficking

From attraction through to application, we offer a trusted, responsive and professional end-to-end tagging and trafficking service. We ensure all online touchpoints in a candidate’s journey are tagged and all inventory trafficked promptly and efficiently on our clients’ behalf.

Delivering Insight

To ensure our clients’ investment goes further than providing them with the results they need today, we provide regular and end of campaign reporting to maximise their recruitment plans for tomorrow. Our expertise, insight and future recommendations enable clients to strategically plan and refine campaigns to optimise media performance and improve their return on investment with future-focused results.